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Why Not Farm
Who We are:
We run a small family farm located in picturesque Bethlehem CT.  Let us be your one stop shop for ethically raised beef, chicken and eggs and more!  
What We Raise:
Registered Black Angus Cattle, Meat Chickens, Laying Hens, Holiday Turkeys and Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

The cattle are on pasture 365 days a year. They are grass fed, with no hormones administered and raised without antibiotics.

Our chickens and turkeys are "Free will" birds. They have unrestricted access to both the indoor and outdoor pens.  We keep them fenced in to protect them from predators. 
Our Retail Sales:

USDA certified, flash frozen, Cryovac packages are available. We carry a wide variety of individual cuts, which are restocked on a regular basis.

Chickens are available in shrink wrapped packaging and can be purchased as whole roasting birds, 1/2 birds (perfect for grilling), or individual packages of breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings.  

Chicken of the Month Club:
We currently offer two club options. You may choose to receive your 6lb birds, whole,1/2 or a mix. With a 3 month or 6 month option available, you can receive your birds as a bundle or as a monthly pick up, dependent upon your freezer space. 

Our Rhode Island Red hens are fed a custom blend of chicken feed that includes extra calcium in the form of crushed oyster shells. 
Being reliable egg producers means we can always provide you and your family with farm fresh eggs.

Holiday Turkeys:
Let us join your family for Thanksgiving! 
We process Turkeys for the Holidays with advanced reservations.  We begin taking reservations in late August.  The shrink-wrapped birds are picked up from the farm the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  We process a limited number of birds, so be sure to reserve yours early!  

Beef Shares:
Custom cut beef is available as1/4 share, 1/2 share or whole cow. 
E-mail for prices and to reserve your share.
Pet Treats:
Beef Liver: We utilize as much of the animals as possible and offer Angus Liver Treats. The beef livers are hand cut and dehydrated to create a sought-after pet treat.  These wildly popular treats are good for dog or cats and are an excellent training aid.  Available in 2 or 4oz packages.

Chicken Feet:
Dehydrated chicken feet are wonderful pet treats and offer a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, both known to support bone and joint health.  The feet are cartilage and completely digestible!  After Thanksgiving we also offer Turkey feet. 

Cat toys:
 Feather teasers and refills are available to foster a cat's natural instincts.  Feather options include chicken, duck or peacock.  Our cats, Wilma and Betty approve of this naturally harvested toy!

Suet Feeders:
These seasonal bird feeders help keep the wild birds healthy and well fed through the winter.  These are available in block for suet cages or as individual hanging feeders.  We render down the beef suet to create this bird approved treat.

Coming Soon:
Burnt Ends Candles!

Scentless Soy based candles are being crafted to brighten up you home.  These small, hand poured candles utilize repurposed jars!  
Available soon!!

First & Second cutting square bales available year-round. 
Fresh from the field: hay wagon specials available. Hay, just inquire!
Delivery available for a fee.
Manure and Compost:
Always available!
Sold by the bucket or yard. 
Pickup at the farm or delivery for a fee.
Bring your own buckets or purchase one of ours!  

Meat Box Gifts:
Custom Meat Box. Give your family, friends or co-worker a unique gift that isn't soon to be forgotten!  This thoughtful gift is not to be forgotten by the recipient. 
Holiday Specials:
Follow us on Facebook so you can partake in our December holiday specials! Delight your family with our ever popular 12 Days of Cow-Mas meat box specials!  12 days of meat box deals!  

Gift Certificates Always Available!

Send us an e-mail if you have any questions 
Our Farm-ily will be happy to assist you.
We look forward to meating and feeding you! 

Shipping and local delivery available.
Thank you for supporting our farm.
Eat local,
know your farmers and where your food comes from.  


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Why Not Farm

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